Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Singapore Travel tips for Indians part 2 : Where to Stay and Eat Food(Veg./Non Veg./Jain Food) in Singapore

Dear Friends, If you are Non-Vegetarian and have not much restricted items list for consuming food then you have no problem in Singapore,i think not only in Singapore but rest of the World but If you are Pure Vegetarian or following some religious practises like in Jainism or Buddhism and avoiding meat or Dairy Products, it is little tougher to find good places for food. Singapore is No exception,most of the Singaporean population is non-vegetarian so it is very hard to find Good Indian Pure-Vegetarian restaurants. But Don't get disappointed,In Singapore there are one place where you will find home like surrounding and everything in the same manner as it is in India this place is "Little India". Yes,As the name stats you will find lots of Indian Origin people here and many Pure Vegetarian Restaurants also.Not only Indian Hotels and Restaurants but also Some Indian God's Temples present here. This place is liked and lived by Mostly Indian Subcontinental People.Here you will find people Not only from India but from Bangladesh,Pakistan,Sri-Lanka,Nepal etc. Little India is very close to most of the Tourist Attractions and Some MRT(Singapore Metro Train Service name for local transport) Stations of different Railway lines is in this area. The Singapore MRT Local Railway Network is most advance and Best public transport system to travel around the Singapore. It is very cheap compare to Taxis and connected with almost all the tourist attractions of Singapore. In little India You can choose high varieties of Hotels from budget,Mid-range to Splurge and for shoestring budget or for Solo Backpacker Travellers there are many Good Dormitories also. they provide bunk bed and Free Morning breakfast at very cheap prices compare to Hotels rooms. Good Dormitories are Footprints Hostel, The Inncrowd, G4 Station, Checkers Backpackers, Mitra etc. Good Hotels are ParkRoyal Hotel, Perak Hotel, Wanderlust Hotel etc. Good Vegetarian Restaurants in Little India is Anand Bhavan,Komala Vilas Food Chain(you will find its branch in many areas of little India), Banana Leaf Apolo etc. If you want many varieties of Vegetarian/Jain Food items then keep yourself close to Mustafa Centre Mall, Syed Alwi Road you will find lots of Pure Vegetarian Restaurants and Great Varieties of Tasty Indian Pure Veg. Food/Jain Food here.
In my next blog articles I will give you more tips about travelling in Singapore and how to make good itinerary to watch all the Top and Best tourist places in Singapore. Keep in touch with My blog and follow it, till then Byee,Take Care.
(Travel by Shuttle Bus from Changi Airport Singapore to Little India Footprints Hostel Backpacker Hotel

 (Best and Reasonable Dorm Hotel in Singapore Little India.FootPrints Hostel Dormitory Full Detail View Video)
Vadai and Upma in Pure Veg. Komala Vilas Restaurent,little India,Singapore
Paneer Tikka and Butter Roti at Pure Vegetarian Restaurant "Gokul Restaurant", Little India, Singapore
Idly and Vadai(Vada) ar Komala's Restaurant(Pure Veg),little India,Singapore
Chapati aur Paneer ki Sabji
All time Favourite Dish of People Dosai(Dosa) available in most of the Indian Restaurents

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Singapore Travel tips for Indians part 1 : How to travel from India to Singapore

Hi Friends. Singapore is one of the best tourist destination in Asia and very popular especially among Indians. There are lots of Unique and interesting things in the Singapore that will just amaze you. It is Perfect Tourist destination if either you are solo traveller or with your family,kids,friends or your beloved. I will explain you in more details in my next blog post articles that why Singapore is perfect and safe destination for you and your family. Now I will tell you about how can you travel from India to Singapore. Singapore is in southeast Asia,It is very-very tiny country that you can compare its size with Mumbai or any big Indian metro city,But it is one of the most powerful Nation of Asia and have big economy and growth rate. Singapore is very much tourist friendly Country and unlike some European countries or USA,you don't have to much worry about visa.The Visa for Singapore for the common tourists of India is hassle free and have very little fees for Singapore Visa compare to other countries. Singapore is near to south part of India specially from Chennai, it takes only about 4 hours to reach from Chennai to Singapore and From Mumbai or Delhi it is about just 5.30 hours Flight Journey. Many Airlines of India as well as other countries airlines also flying daily flights from various metro cities of India to Singapore. Some of Airlines like Indigo,Jet Airways,Air India,Singapore Airlines,Air Asia are most popular. you can also search flights prices by some travelling websites(like Singapore Airport "Singapore Changi Airport" is only Airport of the country but It is very much advance and One of The Best Airport in the World and have lots of facilities offering to passenger on almost nominal or free of cost like free WiFi,free message chairs,swimming pool,fun activities for kids etc. and also have great collection of big shopping brands, restaurants and many duty-free shops. 1 Singapore dollar is equivalent to about 48 Indian rupees. In Next Post I will give you more depth Information about Singapore and Best Singapore Tourist Places. Till then Take Care and Bye.
(Breathtaking Beautiful Singapore Top bird eye view of Landing at Changi International Airport HD Video)

Flying from Mumbai to Singapore(Azad Jain)
at Singapore Changi Airport(Azad Jain)

Friday, March 31, 2017

Hi Friends.Get ready to read My Tour Experiences from my own pen

Friends, Love you all. As you all knows I made many beautiful videos on youtube about travelling to many different and unique places. thank you all that you appreciating my efforts. Thank you all for making popular my youtube channel as well( Many people message me that they want to know my experience also while travelling to all the places so Now I am starting my own travelling blog also. Here i will share my travelling experiences,hope it will be more helpful to the people who plan their travel by watching many of my videos. Thank you all and Love you.